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Beijing high-end tourism will again go to Europe

Date: 2014-11-22

China Beijing nov 21 (Reuters) to enhance the European public understanding of Beijing, pull the European tourists travel to Beijing, "Beijing high-end tourism resource promotional activity" 21, held in Athens, Greece, and local visitors to on a field to display the beauty of the Oriental beauty tourism culture feast.
Message from the Beijing municipal commission of tourism development, the activity is launched since January 1, 2013, Beijing transit visa-free New Deal after 72 hours, Beijing second to Europe to promote tourism resources.
Different from past simple image promotion, the promotion under the organization of the Beijing LvYouWei, mainstream tourism enterprises in Beijing as the main body, launched a boutique custom tourism products, all-round show Beijing high-end tourism resources of rich, present a Beijing security, open, warm tourism environment.
Beijing LvYouWei provo, city council chairman, deputy mayor, (Fotis Provatas), Greece's chamber of commerce in China head of communications Ma Ke (Stamatina Markou) and the local mainstream tourism enterprises, industry development, tourism policy, tourism, culture and so on has carried on the deep discussion.
, deputy director of the Beijing LvYouWei Yu Debin said, Athens as a famous tourist city, with rich resources of tourism enterprises, the Beijing LvYouWei hope to establish more cooperation through this promotion activities and Athens, realize common development.
Beijing high-end tourism resources to promote activities under the leadership of the Beijing LvYouWei organization, has been formed on a large scale, high standard series brand activities. Last year in Germany and Austria, the Beijing municipal commission of tourism development is not only a successful introduction of the 72 hours of transit visa-free policy, also strengthened the European tourists understanding of Beijing, has played a positive role on stimulating the inbound tourism market.
According to the Beijing LvYouWei latest statistics show that in 2013, the number of tourists to Beijing is nearly 1.2 million person-time, Europe accounted for 30.4% of the total number of tourists. Europe has become an important group, Beijing entry tourism in February 2014, the Beijing reception entry visitors grew by 19% in Germany.
Yu Debin said, in order to further the inbound tourism market, Beijing is developing a variety of emerging tourism forms and the way of modern tourism, rich cultural resources and the traditional tourism resources, make the traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health culture tourism, sports tourism, exhibition, the high-quality goods of tourism and culture festival tourism performance tourism arises at the historic moment, and become the main Beijing tourism in the future development direction. (after)