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The Palace Museum has a mascot: "well" ambition "mei-mei" natural and graceful

Date: 2014-11-24

Yesterday, with dragon and phoenix as prototypes of the palace mascot "well", "mei-mei" appearance is xiamen and related products and technology exhibition at the museum, this is the Palace Museum in Beijing set up have a mascot for the first time in 90 years.
"Well", "meimei", the image of the Chinese traditional dragon and phoenix "pick" head Dai Long hat, wearing a dragon robe, was a proud "king", "mei-mei" wearing rockhopper, posture grace, like a carriage ten thousand "empress". Palace Museum culture service center director Feng Hui introduction, "strong" on behalf of the power of the dragon, symbol of the world's largest and most complete imperial Forbidden City buildings brings people magnificent heart feeling; Phoenix is the embodiment of the "beauty", in Chinese traditional symbol of the Palace Museum collection of more than 180 pieces rarities of aesthetic connotation.
It is understood that "well", "mei-mei" design began in September last year, after 10 months. To be precise, the mascot costumes, child, court beads, dragon cap, rockhopper after experts research. Mascot wearing clothing after the qing emperor, in the near future, the palace will be launched in the Ming dynasty and other dynasties of mascot costume.
It is understood that the mascot using 3 d printing production, is a traditional and the fusion of science and technology. In the future, will be the mascot of the imperial palace as the theme, development of a series of relevant documents and products, pioneering animation, publications, souvenirs and other modern cultural creative industries. The palace has said, the imperial palace of online mall will be on January 1 next year, when the imperial palace, including the mascot wen gen products, will be gained popularity through e-commerce channels. (source: Beijing evening news internship reporter: Sun Leqi)