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lin_jianwuscore:5.0 / 52018-06-21

Pretty good.
tj252525score:5.0 / 52018-06-19

Basement a little boom, a little dark, the next time you come to live on the first floor.
maobiaoscore:5.0 / 52018-06-17

Is has features of Beijing courtyard, senior room is basement, shortcomings has on not said has, advantages; quiet! luxury room is ground original courtyard, advantages everyone are know has, shortcomings; Office in yard in, breakfast also in yard in, wants to sleep will somewhat noisy. had to said of breakfast, too praise has, must to prepared half hours above slowly leisurely of eat this meal breakfast, experience with courtyard that copies history brings of quiet and thinking.
jcc Yingyingscore:3.3 / 52018-06-06

Service for, only clean health of that bit ladies, and we last left day of that bit male staff, they of attitude is I think only worth praised of; has courtesy, has sincerity help solution problem. other people of service, even 400 Yuan not to of chain hotel of service are than, especially that foreign women staff. in I staying second days, because up have late I of mother help I will breakfast got room. I end with breakfast to Atrium, the female foreign workPersonnel see I end with tray also not way some, instead to I way to she walk. and, also is arrogance to refers to has about behind, mumble to said has a sentence,' there '. that I next of reaction is said has a sentence,' this is I of breakfast '. She of attitude let I very antipathy, seems I is she of girl. If I in foreign is this work attitude, I will was guest complaints also will was boss reprimanded. I believes she in she himselfOf national also will has also of treatment. I for servility no interest, also not cocky, on who are kind. alike, is so simple. as hardware, maximum of problem is toilet, is big of sewer taste, that to often open window. but window is public aisle and reception, so, to often shut window so as not to embarrassing. live has two days, on always so toss. first days with front desk of China women staff reaction, no response. second days received with thatBit clean health of ladies said has, she immediately to front desk said, front desk only came told we said is has ventilation of. problem is, first, even has ventilation, I not think is available of; second, button design very poor, fundamental not know is open has also is shut has. but, hotel of breakfast also is is good of, can ahead of select Chinese also is Western. front desk of service, to of when is kind, go of when on not has. overall for, I on this took with alterations China old HouseTo simply do business rather than on the service detail very stab in the back of the hotel, especially my rational consumption in their own countries are subjected to alien insolence. I don't need staff cringing, but their manners should be permitted.
eggnutscore:5.0 / 52018-06-05

Good breakfast, near shichahai bar street, near gokokuji snacks Street, the service is also very good
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